Sheet metal forming research association (SMFRA) was originally called as the Indian Deep Drawing Research Group (INDDRG).  The first thinking on the formation of INDDRG dates back to 1992-93 when feedback from several industrial, research and development and academic personal was surveyed and analysed.  Based on the feedback, the first meeting of interested members was held on January 21, 1994 at IIT Bombay.  During this meeting, the purpose of forming INDDRG and its goals were discussed.  Another meeting on March 4, 1994 where deliberations on the formation of INDDRG was continued. This meeting was attended by industry, R&D and academia persons.  The working group of INDDRG was officially formed on April 5, 1994 at IIT Bombay.  On the same day, a technical seminar was held covering several topics including raw materials, formability, press design, process-modeling etc…  INDDRG continued its activities as a working group from then on.

Launching of Our New Name

Since the interest and the activities of our group covered a wide range from raw materials, deep drawing, bending etc.., it was felt that the name should be changed to reflect the scope of our activities.  With this in mind, our group was renamed as Sheet Metal Forming Research Association.